Saturday, January 2, 2016

Youtility – The idea of marketing by being useful

I just finished reading Youtility by Jay Baer. When I started this book it did not seem to be talking about anything new. Basically Jay explained that there are only two avenues for marketing your business online today.  You can either be amazing or useful. Not everyone can be amazing and its far from being an exact science. Being useful on the other hand is something just about any business can do.

Marketing is About Help not Hype

Youtility is the idea of marketing by providing useful information. This is what many others would describe as adding or providing value. It is important to understand that this is more than just content marketing.

As I got into the book there was a lot of good information, especially on how the marketing and sales process has fundamentally changed. How the sales person is now often the very last step in the purchase process, only approached (somewhat reluctantly) after 60% or more, of the purchase decision has been made.

Today more people conduct online research and consulting with others before they make direct contact with a seller.

The book is backed up with solid stats and lots of examples. To me it was preaching to the converted.

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