Wednesday, June 27, 2012

InternetSOS content

I am working on content for internetSOS now.  My good friend Perry Gamsby was meant to do a fair amount to the research and writing but through experience we have determined that its better that I write the content and give it to him to proof read and clean up. Much of the content requires a highly technical understanding of the internet, computers and IT security which Perry currently does not have. It is much easier for me to write it as I already have a very good idea what information needs to be included and with some minimal research to verify facts and collect some supporting stuff like statistics I can produce it much faster.  

My method is to use a white board to first mind map the content.  For those not familiar with mind mapping it’s a great way to get ideas down.  In the old days they used to talk about brain storming where you would just write down a list of ideas.   Mind mapping is so much better because it lets you group and link ideas.  It is far more natural and according to its proponents much more like the human mind works.  Once I have it all down I will sit and stare at time for a while and compose in my mind the structure for the content.  After that writing it is fairly easy.  I am also converting my site into a Security Blog and write about security there. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chris Bennetts – Internet Security Specialist

I have been working in Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a number of years now but recently decided to put on a new cap – that of Internet Security Specialist. For the past 12 months on and off I have been working on a new Internet Security Project called internetSOS which stands for  Internet Security Online Strategy.  

I have been involved in computer security in one way or another for most of my career and have developed security policies for corporate environments.  My work in the area of computer support both as a consultant to business and managing National help desks and support personal also exposed me to difficulty real people have with computer security issues.  What people need is a way to find out the things they need to do to protect themselves online but anyone that has ever gone searching for information on the Internet about security knows that there is an abundance of information out there and this is part of the problem. Way too much information for a normal person to sift through to find out what they need to know.   Some of it is good and some of it is dangerously wrong.  To make things worse much of the information is written by geeks in geek language so you need to be one to understand it.  Aware of this I decided to create something that would assist normal people in finding out how to protect themselves online. I have spent more 1000 hours developing internetSOS.  More about interentSOS soon

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chris Bennetts - Personal Profile

My name is Chris Bennetts and I am an IT specialist with over 20 years of experience in developing technology. I have gained expertize working with international giants such as IBM, GE Finance, Erikson, Telstra, Pilkington ACI and Toyota, on a wide range of platforms, and early in my career I worked as an application developer specializing in interfacing desktop PC’s with older mainframe applications. Other roles have included managing national roll-outs, establishing and managing help desks and support teams, and IT project management. From there I went on to launch a successful network of independent computer troubleshooters who provided support to small business, and later went on to develop ecommerce sites to sell an exclusive range of ebooks.  I started a webhosting and development business and it was during this period that I honed his web development skills and started to study and apply SEO strategies. I am also a Microsoft Certified System Engineer and hold a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, as well as numerous certificate based qualifications in technology and programming. I am currently working on an Internet Security project called internetSOS that will provide people with the ability to develop a personalized online protection strategy from online threats