Saturday, July 28, 2012

Singapore may be my new home base

I am giving some serious consideration about making Singapore my home base.  I used to prefer Hong Kong and consider Singapore a city without a Soul.  It always seemed too sterile to me but after a few trips their recently I have changed my mind.  I had to admit that the food is a huge draw card for me. It has everything. The public transport system is brilliant and the infrastructure is awesome.
It is more expensive to live than many other locations close by but it is also so central to everything.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cyber Stalker Alert

I have created a new blogger site called Cyber Stalker Alert.  Just updated it with the announcement of a new Cyber Stalker Help site created by Elizabeth Clarke.  Check them out and especially give Elizabeth all the support you can

Monday, July 9, 2012

Protect Your Business Online

When I first conceived the interentSOS project I secured a number of domains that I intended to use to promote the service. I have extensive experience in business from SOHO to corporate providing technical support which included security.  While working at Pilkington ACI I developed the national security policy for personal computers which were a new arrival and had spread through out the organization without any direction or control from the IT department. 

Through my Computer Trouble Shooters consultancy network I came into contact with many SOHO businesses and much of my work revolved around ensuring their systems and data were secure.  This was when the greatest fear came from viruses. I moved back into corporate environments working in highly secure environments including the Victorian Police where I administered and supported services. As you can imagine security was always a big concern.

One of the domains that I secured is and only I finally got around to publishing content on the site a few days ago.  I envisage a book targeted at small to medium size business on computer security.  The types of topics that the book will cover are there in on the site now.  The book will go hand in hand with the internetSOS service.   I am already developing business packages for internetSOS.  I know the advice to business I will provide is extremely valuable.