Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Making your own videos

I have just produced my second video which is a big improvement over the first. I have to admit that getting in front of a camera is not natural for me and does not come easy.  I feel like I have a lot to say,  that is until the rec is clicked, then my mind goes blank.  In my first video I was reading most of what I said. In my second I memorized and then rehearsed what I said.  I am still finding my feet I guess.  I can see the vast improvement in the second video which is far from perfect.

When I say producing the video I mean absolutely every aspect.  I have a copy of Camtasia and I am using that to record and edit the video. Learning that has also been part of the challenge. I am also getting better with that software and able to produce better results.

The equipment is my next concern.  My Mac Air has a pretty good cam but I am using a separate external high quality cam.  I notice that it had a problem focusing a few times but other than that the quality is pretty good.

The real issue is audio quality.  I have used both the internal mic in the Mac and the one built into the external cam.  The difference in sound quality surprised me but I am aware that both are picking up way too much background noise and when i play back with head phones I can hear the constant sound of traffic as we are on a main road. My friend Mat recently posted about a mic he just got and it sounds exactly like what i need.

If anyone wants to see the result of my work they can view the video on the main page of my site  or on the youtube channel   Please Like and comment about my video  (if you have a youtube account subscribe to my channel) 

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