Friday, September 7, 2012

Living On A Boat In Phuket Thailand

I am currently in Phuket Thailand living on a boat for a few weeks.  This is my first time to spend any time on a boat.  I once stayed on a luxury yacht for a night for a party but we did not leave the peer.  The boat I am currently staying on is anchored 1.5 Klm off shore and tomorrow we will be off island hopping.  The boat is called ladyandaman which is a play on the fact that is based on the Andaman sea.  I am enjoying living on a boat but not sure I want to do so for any extended length of time.  There are still a lot of adjustments to make despite the fact that this is a luxury boat with many other vessels.  It’s is actually setup as a party boat.  You can visit the website here   Ladyandaman Party Boat

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