Wednesday, June 27, 2012

InternetSOS content

I am working on content for internetSOS now.  My good friend Perry Gamsby was meant to do a fair amount to the research and writing but through experience we have determined that its better that I write the content and give it to him to proof read and clean up. Much of the content requires a highly technical understanding of the internet, computers and IT security which Perry currently does not have. It is much easier for me to write it as I already have a very good idea what information needs to be included and with some minimal research to verify facts and collect some supporting stuff like statistics I can produce it much faster.  

My method is to use a white board to first mind map the content.  For those not familiar with mind mapping it’s a great way to get ideas down.  In the old days they used to talk about brain storming where you would just write down a list of ideas.   Mind mapping is so much better because it lets you group and link ideas.  It is far more natural and according to its proponents much more like the human mind works.  Once I have it all down I will sit and stare at time for a while and compose in my mind the structure for the content.  After that writing it is fairly easy.  I am also converting my site into a Security Blog and write about security there. 

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